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Organize training seminars for employees of small supplementary "nutrition"

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Organize training seminars for employees of small supplementary "nutrition"
Issue Time:2016-06-17

June 12, 2016 13:00 pm, Shanghai Jinyuan Plastic Products Co., Ltd., general manager of the company organized a small staff training seminars. To this end, general manager of specially invited Alibaba P4P / RFQ certified instructor teaching staff high spring peak. There are seven years trade experience and experience in foreign trade of high teacher only has two foreign trade companies, or East China's only the best lecturers year, with outstanding contributions in Alibaba lecturer industry.

High teacher in class about his various experiences in foreign trade work, and shared a lot of experience in foreign trade and skills. Listen carefully salesman who jotted down notes carefully, I believe that these records will help them thriving in their work.

There are just getting started on this and more foreign trade clerk issued a sigh: Foreign thorny road, but having chosen this path, we will stick, trying to go!